Research Works in Number Thoery

My name is Jungbae Nam. This site is dedicated to my research works for computational number theory including the collections of the central and algebraic values of (Hasse-Weil) $L$-functions $L(E, s, \chi)$ of elliptic curves twisted by families of primitive Dirichlet characters and their related arithmetic values that I have been computing since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data and Source Codes in this site contains the information of the twist package for:

  1. Numerical Data of the central values $L(E, 1, \chi)$ and their algebraic/integer values, which were used for [1].
  2. The source codes to produce the data above using various computer languages and libraries

For more detailed information about the data and source codes, visit Data and Source Codes or my GitHub repository.

If you have a comment/question regarding this database, please feel free to contact me at where x and y are my first and last name respectively.


[1] Hershy Kisilevsky and Jungbae Nam. Small Algebraic Central Values of Twists of Elliptic $L$-Functions, 2021 (Preprint)